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Account Types

We have several account types that you can select during signup. Basically, each account type can send SMS to any number of recipients. However, some account types have additional features that may not be available to other account types. They include:

Standalone Accounts

Standalone accounts are the basic accounts that can be created. They enable account holders to send SMS to any number of recipients. Additionally, messages can be scheduled to be submitted at a later date. It is also possible to send SMS through our SMS API gateway without necessarily using our web client.

Multi-Level Accounts

Multi-level accounts can perform the basic functions of a standalone account. They can have additional features depending on whether they are top-level or sub-accounts.

When a multi-level account is specified as a top-level account, other accounts can be created as sub-accounts that reference the main account. In this case, all SMS contacts for sub-accounts can be seen by the top-level account. The top-level account can also export the contacts of a sub-account into a file. However, the reverse is not true. Sub-accounts cannot view contacts of top-level accounts.

Thus, a top-level and a sub-account have the basic functions of a standalone account except that they have an association where the top-level account is superior.

Developer Accounts

Developer accounts are as the name goes. They are meant for software developers who supply custom software applications with an SMS feature. Having all the functions of a basic standalone account, developer accounts have the additional feature of creating sub-accounts that can be used to connect to our servers using any of our SMS APIs.

Developer accounts manage sub-accounts they create by transferring SMS credits to them. If you supply your application to several customers, it becomes an opportunity to resell SMS credits to your customers at your own prices. You buy SMS credits from us and you resell to those accounts at your own prices by transferring credits to those accounts. Thus, it is a form of a reseller account.

It must however be emphasised that sub-accounts created with developer accounts cannot access their account using the web client. They are only meant to be integrated in SMS software applications and therefore can only send SMS using any of our SMS APIs. Authentication will fail if not connecting through any of our SMS APIs. The developer account can do so.

Reseller Accounts

With a resller account, you can buy SMS credits from us and resell to your clients at your preferred prices. If you have already set up your website, then you are ready to go. You only need to send messages through our SMS gateway. If you do not already have a website, we can help you set up one and you will be able to resell SMS to your clients through your own website.

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