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ZenophSMSgetDefaultTimeZone Method
Gets the default time zone as set in user account.

Namespace: Zenoph.SMSLib
Assembly: Zenoph.SMSLib (in Zenoph.SMSLib.dll) Version: 2015.9.30.0 (2015.09.30.0)
public string[] getDefaultTimeZone()

Return Value

Type: String
Returns the default time zone for user account.

The default time zone returned from this method call consists of three elements of an array of String. The first element is the region of the time zone such as Africa, Europe, America, America/Indiana, etc., whiles the second element is a city. These are the same as those returned by PHP but with underscores replaced by whitespaces. The last element is the time zone offset from GMT.

When messages are set to be scheduled, the default time zone offset from GMT is used if schedule(NullableDateTime) is called.

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