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ZenophSMSgetSMSCount Method
Gets the count of SMS for a single destination based on type and length of the composed message.

Namespace: Zenoph.SMSLib
Assembly: Zenoph.SMSLib (in Zenoph.SMSLib.dll) Version: 2015.9.30.0 (2015.09.30.0)
public int getSMSCount()

Return Value

Type: Int32
Returns the count of SMS based on the type and length of the message.
Exception Thrown when not authenticated before making the method call.

The value returned from the method call depends on the length and type of the message. This return value is the count of the composed SMS and indictates the total credits required for a single destination. If there are multiple destinations to deliver the SMS, the total credits required will be the count of the SMS returned from a call to this method multiplied by the total number of destinations.

If the message has not been set at the time of the method call, the return value will be zero (0).

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