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ZenophSMSisValidPhoneNumber Method (String)
Checks whether the specified value is a valid phone number or not.

Namespace: Zenoph.SMSLib
Assembly: Zenoph.SMSLib (in Zenoph.SMSLib.dll) Version: 2015.9.30.0 (2015.09.30.0)
public static bool isValidPhoneNumber(
	string phonenum


Type: SystemString
The value to check whether it is a valid phone number or not.

Return Value

Type: Boolean
Returns true if phonenum is a valid phone number, otherwise it returns false.
By default, this method does not check phonenum against user routes. That is, it does not check whether or not phonenum is allowed on user routes. To check for phone number validity and also to see if it is allowed on user routes, a call to the overloaded method isValidPhoneNumber(String, Boolean) is required while passing true as the second argument to the method.
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