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Sending bulk SMS to Ghana destinations has not been easier for developers and non-developers before. We have provided easy to use APIs and tools that can be used to easily send bulk SMS to Ghana mobile network destinations. These are provided for download at no charge.

On this page, you can find and download relevant tools that can be used to send bulk SMS to Ghana destinations as well as API references. Download and use the right tools that are relevant for your mobile SMS to Ghana destinations at no charges.


The Java SMS API enables applications to quickly send messages from Java SMS applications.

You can download Java SMS API now to start sending messages from your Java applications.

.NET (C#, J#, C++/CLI, Visual Basic) SMS API

Our Microsoft .NET SMS API is a single library file that can be used to send messages from applications programmed in C#, J#, C++/CLI, or VB.NET programming languages. Thus, you can target our SMS API with .NET programming language of choice.

You can download .NET SMS API now to start sending messages from your .NET applications.

Microsoft Excel Plugin

Using our Microsoft Excel plugin, you can send SMS directly from Microsoft Excel applications. This even simplifies messaging if you have phone numbers of your contacts/audience in an Excel file. When you install this plugin, it will show as an additional ribbon tab or menu from which you can send messages directly from Microsoft Excel application.

API References

If you already have our SMS APIs and are in need of their respective references only, you can download them separately from below. Click on the required reference manual to start the download.

  1. Java SMS API Manual
  2. Microsoft .NET (C#, VB.NET, C++/CLI) SMS API Manual
  3. HTTP SMS API Manual

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