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Developer Resources

Our SMS platform has been designed to be fast, scalable, and extensible. Its scalability and extensibility has been provided in the form of resources and tools that can be used by developers to integrate our SMS platform into their custom SMS applications that send bulk sms to Ghana. This means that it is not a requirement to use only the Web Interface to send messages.

To simplify the integration of our SMS platform in custom applications by developers, we have provided free SMS APIs that can be readily used in custom SMS applications to send messages. Developers programming in Java, C#, VB.NET, and or C++/CLI can use these APIs to send messages. Both Personalised and Non-personalised messages can be sent using these SMS APIs. They are provided in libraries and can be imported in custom applications.

We have designed our SMS platform to accept high volumes of destinations per message and the SMS APIs have also been programmed as such. Applications using our Java and .NET SMS APIs can send messages with high volumes of destinations (thousands and even million) at once through our SMS gateway.

Our SMS APIs and Tools

To download or view more information about a specific SMS API, click on the required link below:

API References

If you already have our SMS APIs and are in need of their respective references only, you can download them separately from below. Click on the required reference manual to start the download.

  1. Java SMS API Manual
  2. Microsoft .NET (C#, VB.NET, C++/CLI) SMS API Manual
  3. HTTP SMS API Manual

For any assistance in the use of our SMS APIs, please Contact the Support Team or call on any of our mobile lines for assistance. We will also be glad to know of other features you would want us to make available in our SMS APIs. We work hard to meet your needs.

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