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Microsoft Excel SMS Plugin

Our Microsoft Excel Addin is a tool that can be used to directly send bulk SMS to Ghana mobile network destinations from Microsoft Excel Applications. It can be used to send personalised messages as well as non-personalised messages. A single installation of our Excel SMS Addin is supported in Excel applications prior to version 2007 as well as from Excel 2007 and later.

To use our Excel SMS Addin, you will need to download the setup and install on your computer. Microsoft Excel application must be installed on the target system in order to send messages using this tool. When installed, it will show as an additional tab in the ribbon of Excel 2007 and later or as menu item in Excel 97/2003.

Office 97-2007

Microsoft Office versions 97 to 2007 were released as 32bit versions and therefore, the 32bit version of our Excel plugin must be downloaded and installed in order for the Office application to discover it. The download link is provided below.

Office 2010 and later

Beginning with Office 2010, Microsoft released two platform versions of the Office application: 32bit version and a 64bit version. If you are using Office 2010 or later, you must check the platform version of your Office application in order to know the right platform version of our Excel Plugin to download.

Download Excel Plugin for Bulk SMS, Ghana

Use the links below to download the right platform version of our Excel plugin:

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